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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a field of study that researches, designs, and develops software solutions that solve human problems. This book will help you understand various aspects of the software development phase, from planning and data gathering through to the design and development of software solutions. The book guides you through implementing methodologies that will help you build robust software.

This book is for software engineers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is just getting started with user interface design and looking to gain a solid understanding of human-computer interaction and UX design. No prior HCI knowledge is required to get started.

Explore fundamentals, strategies, and emerging techniques in the field of human-computer interaction to enhance how users and computers interact

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5/5 (5 Reviews)

Mat Astengo

Fullerton, CA

Chris was my former instructor and if this excellent resource for anyone who is looking to get into HCI or keep learning new skills.

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David Chan

Santa Monica, CA

This book goes deep on HCI while remaining reader friendly. I especially appreciate the "challenges" found throughout the book as a guided way to get hands on with the material.

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Meg Dunkerley

North Hampshire, MA

I'm so excited about this book! It's so practical and I think the exercises will be super helpful. If you're interested in ux, hci, or ui, this is a go-to.

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About the Author

Chris R. Becker Author or Learn HCI

Christopher Reid Becker

Lead Curriculum Architect, Sr. UX Designer, Educator, Author.

Human Computer-Interaction is a growing field.

A designer who uses creative thinking to understand existing problems in order to forge innovative and unique solutions. When designing, teaching, and writing, I take a human-centered approach to my students who do not know exactly know how they want to pursue the design process. If a skill is too narrow-focused or too conceptual, students are not likely to explore how design can be applied further. On the other hand, well-designed content has the potential to spark students to pursue a deeper interest in solving problems through design. I am very conscious of the long-term effects of design thinking. The foundation of design principles and human-centered research practices have far-reaching implications when it has come to my career. Design has a long tail. Like other crafts practice and repetition makes for high-quality output

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